Intel Edison Get Started

2015-06-03 by terryoy, in guides

This guide is about the initial steps for me starting development on Intel Edison platform.

1. The Board and Setting Up Serial Communication

The board I use to develop with Edison is the Intel Edison for Arduino board. So first plug the Edison module on the board; secondary, I have the 6.5V 2A DC connected to supply the power to the board (or you could power up the board with the micro-USB in the middle); third, a micro-USB wire connect to the board for serial communication.

I'm using minicom on Mac OSX for the serial connection, but you can also use screen on Mac OSX and Linux(see the reference at the end of this section).

If you forgot the root password, here's the way to recover it:

* on booting, press any key to stop the process
* on the "boot>" command line prompt, type ```run do_ota``` to redo the flashing process.

Then you end up with a login using “root” as user name and no password.

2. Setting up WiFi

The next thing to do is to setup the WiFi on Edison, because a large part of the development process happens on WiFi.

$ configure_edison --wifi

# check the wifi status
$ wpa_cli status

Follow the instructions of this program to complete the scanning, choosing hotspot, and reboot with WiFi.

By default, ssh is restricted to usb, so you need to disable the restriction by using configure_edison --setup to setup the device name and password. It will automatically update the file '/lib/systemd/system/sshd.socket' and comment out this line “BindToDevice=usb0”. (need reboot to take effect)

3. Blink the LED

(to be continued when I get the board…)

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