Setup Arm Development Environment

2017-12-31 by terryoy, in guides

1. Clone the kernel repository

$ git clone git://

# or just download the package from the mirror
$ wget

2. Install the Cross Compiling Toolchain

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

# another option is "arm-linux-gnueabihf" but we use "gcc-arm-gnueabi" here

3. Make the first compile

We're emulating the vexpress Cortex A9 for demo.

$ export ARCH=arm  
$ export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-  
$ make vexpress_defconfig  
$ make zImage -j8  
$ make modules -j8  
$ make dtbs

4. Install QEMU

$ sudo apt-get install qemu

5. Make Root File System

5.1 busybox

$ wget  
$ tar xvf busybox-1.25.1.tar.bz2
$ make defconfig  
$ make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-  
$ make install CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-

Then you find the executables in _install folder. Next we start to create the rootfs.

5.2 rootfs

$ sudo mkdir rootfs
$ sudo mkdir rootfs/lib 

# copy busybox to rootfs
$ sudo cp _install/* -r rootfs/

# copy arm libs to lib
# sudo cp -P /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/* rootfs/lib/

5.3 Create 4 tty devices

$ sudo mkdir -p rootfs/dev
$ sudo mknod rootfs/dev/tty1 c 4 1  
$ sudo mknod rootfs/dev/tty2 c 4 2  
$ sudo mknod rootfs/dev/tty3 c 4 3  
$ sudo mknod rootfs/dev/tty4 c 4 4

You can also create other folders in the image. (Reference:

5.4 Make the Image

# creat an empty image
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=a9rootfs.ext3 bs=1M count=32  

# format to ext3
$ mkfs.ext3 a9rootfs.ext3  

# copy files into the image
$ sudo mkdir tmpfs  
$ sudo mount -t ext3 a9rootfs.ext3 tmpfs/ -o loop  
$ sudo cp -r rootfs/*  tmpfs/  
$ sudo umount tmpfs

6. Start QEMU with the Image

# open in current console
$ qemu-system-arm -M vexpress-a9 -m 512M -dtb extra_folder/vexpress-v2p-ca9.dtb -kernel extra_folder/zImage -nographic -append "root=/dev/mmcblk0 rw console=ttyAMA0" -sd a9rootfs.ext3 

# open in new window(maybe GUI)
$ qemu-system-arm -M vexpress-a9 -m 512M -dtb extra_folder/vexpress-v2p-ca9.dtb -kernel extra_folder/zImage -append "root=/dev/mmcblk0 rw" -sd a9rootfs.ext3

Now you enter the console of the emulator system. Press Ctrl+A C to exit to (qemu) console, or Ctrl+A X to exit..

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